Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been in use as a mainstream health care system for thousands of years. This ancient modality is based on the patterns of energy flow or Qi that circulates throughout the body. The free flow of Qi is essential to maintain optimal health.  When there are disruptions in the flow the potential for disease or pain is more prevalent. Acupunture corrects the flow in order to correct the imbalance.  This healing system follows the belief that no area of the body is isolated, therefore  the connection between organs and between mind, body and spirit are always addressed in the diagnosis and treatment of any disorder.

The body has a series of acupuncture meridians or channels that flow through the body like the subway system. These meridians connect with the all the major organs as well with each other.  On the different subway lines (meridians, there are several stations (acupuncture points).  Imagine if station was blocked for some reason. People wouldn't be able to reach their destination or have to choose a longer possible more congested route creating frustration and disharmony. Slowly, the trains would build up in the tunnels and travel would be disrupted.  When the stations were repaired and the congestion was cleared the trains would begin running again, order would resume.  This same concept is used with acupuncture points. If there is a blockage none of the meridians the problem is seen further along the meridian.  For this reason an acupuncture point in the hand or foot can treat a headache, because the channel flows from the hand to the head.  

The goal of Acupuncture is to renew the healthy flow of Qi and restore the body to balance.  Chinese medicine is based on providing harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Its foundation hold the belief that each individual is completely unique.  There is no one size fits all diagnosis making each treatment truly one of a kind.